Mayfield Central School Class of 1991


Last Updated: 22 May 2013

    Kellogg, Charlene

    Knott, Mary

    Lott (Mitchell), Becky

    Location:  Sarasota, FL

    May, Dale

    May, Mark

    Location:  Lexington, KY

    McSpirit, Thomas

    Mikkola, Maria

    Miller (Bellen), Michelle

    Location:  Mayfield, NY
    Occupation:   Project Manager, Stephen Miller's General Contracting
    Other:   Married to George Bellen, June 1997
    One daughter, McKenzie

    Mosconi, Edward

    Location:  Mayfield, NY

    Pavlick, Rudy

    Peugh, Melissa

    Location:  Gloversville, NY

    Rackmyre, Linda

    Location:  Ocala, FL
    Occupation:   Assistant to the Chairman/Coporate Administration, Travel Management, Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp.
    Other:   Three children: Angleica 14, Natasha 13, Brandon 2 (as of Dec 05)

    Reicherter (Dickens), Kristie

    Location:  Diamond Point, NY
    Other:   Married to Travis Dickens, 1997?
    One daughter

    Rose, John

    Location:  Mayfield, NY

    Rudolph, Todd - In Memory

    Sayer, Nicole

    Location:  Jay, NY

    Schietromo, Theresa

    Simonds, Jamie

    Location:  Gloversville, NY

    Snyder, Kelly

    Location:  Mayfield, NY
    Occupation:   Assistant Manager, Pizza Hut, Saratoga, NY
    Other:  Married to Kimberly Browne, June 21, 1997
    One son, Drew

    Sweet, William

    Towne, Mike

    Location:  Ballston Spa, NY
    Other:  Married to Ambyr Richards
    One daughter, Mya
    VanDerwerker, Mark
    Location:  Powhatan, VA

    VanGuilder, Gene

    Vingerhoet, Debbie

    Location:  Portsmouth, NH

    Vingerhoet, Kaye

    Location:  Portsmouth, NH

    Walter, Dan

    Location:  Gloversville, NY
    Occupation:   Chef, Lanzi's Restaurant, Mayfield, NY
    Walter, James
    Location:  Mayfield, NY

    Williams (Dudzik), Bridget

    Location:  Walden, NY
    Occupation:  Teacher, Monroe-Woodbury School District, NY
    Other:   Married to Michael Dudzik, August 15, 2003
    Graduated from Mount St. Mary's College, 1998
    Graduated from Wells College, 1995
    Yanno (King), Gina
    Location:  Gloversville, NY

    Yestremski, Greg

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